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Let’s Get Moving! July Is Physical Activity Month

Let’s get moving! Exercise benefits both your physical and mental health. There are many different ways to get moving, and people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from increased levels of physical activity! This July, join the Thumb Community Health Partnership (TCHP) in spreading the word about Physical Activity Month. Follow along with TCHP for tips, tools, and resources to help you and your family get and stay active!


Did you know? Many adults don’t get enough physical activity. Exercise that gets your heart pumping or builds your muscles is important to your overall health. Start with 150 minutes per week of aerobic activity, plus muscle-strengthening activities two days per week (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion).


Being active is easier than ever this time of year! Exercising outdoors, whether in your backyard or at a local park, is great for your body and mind. On busy or rainy days, even chores and yardwork can count toward your aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise.


If you have kids, it is especially important to set a healthy example! Kids who get moving for an hour every day sleep better, feel better, and do better in school. Over summer break, why not work on boosting your physical activity as a family? Try these tips to get started!


  • Store sports equipment in your vehicle. The more convenient it is to get moving, the more likely you are to do it!

  • Take your kids to the park! Parks throughout the Thumb region have many fun opportunities for the whole family, including play equipment for kids, walking paths for adults and pets, and open areas for playing outdoor games.

  • Stuck inside on a rainy day? Exercise together, or play active games, such as a scavenger hunt.

  • Keep active yourself. Your kids look up to you as their role model!


For more information about health and wellness opportunities offered here in the Thumb, visit, join the conversation at www.Facebook/ThumbHealth, or contact Kay Balcer, TCHP Director at 989-553-2927.


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