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Youth Programs

Current Event Highlights

Event Highlights

High School Career Pipeline Program

​This 9-week program is exploring health and human service careers! Students will have a chance to network with professionals and explore careers through hands-on activities! 

This program is set to start on January 11th!
 Location: Huron Area Technical Center  


Middle School Career Pipeline Program
Hatchet Health Heroes

This 12-week program was all about exploring Health and Human Service Careers with professionals from across the region. Students had a chance to do hands-on activities to learn more about different careers. Careers that were explored include:


  • Social Work

  • ​Sanitarians

  • Infection Control 

  • Physical Therapy

  • Laboratory

  • Dietician

  • EMT/Paramedic

  • Emergency Room Nurse

  • Human Resources

  • Therapist 


Location: Bad Axe High School
Total Participants: 15 completed the program 

September 2022- December 2022


Past Event Highlights

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Career Guest Speakers

During the Fall 2021, the Thumb Community Health Partnership educated the students in the Health Science Programs at each of the four counties tech centers about different careers that are available in the Thumb. 16 different guest speakers came to talk to the students about their careers. A few careers students learned about included: Respiratory Therapy, Social Work, Health Education, & Emergency Preparedness Coordinator careers. Over 120 students were able to participate and learn about the many opportunities available right here in the Thumb! 

Healthcare Career Guest Speakers

Career Day- Huron ISD

  TCHP gave students the opportunity to “Think Outside the Bowl” when it comes to choosing a career option in the health and human service field.  183 students over the course of the day had an opportunity to learn about the many career opportunities that are available right here in the Thumb. They completed a short 5 question survey in which they indicated the career paths they were interested.  They also were asked if they planned on coming back or staying in Huron County. Of the 183 responses, 62 students had an interest in health care. Of the respondents, 36% of the students said they would move back or stay in Huron County; while 46% said maybe. As TCHP moves forward with workforce development activities, we hope to impact the 46% of students that are unsure about coming back to the area by highlighting the endless opportunities that are available right in their own community!

Career Day- Huron ISD
Explore Healthcare Careers

“Think outside the bowl when it comes to healthcare careers”

Sanitarians: An investigator of health and safety within an environment.  This may be the workplace, food preparation facilities, industrial producers, or even the general environment. This sector of employment is on the rise and has a lot of room for growth.

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