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Youth Programs

TCHP has partnered with the Mid-Central AHEC and GST MI Works! to provide career exploration opportunities to the youth across the Thumb Region. 

Career Exploration Program Overview

These 6 to 12-week programs offer middle and high school students an opportunity to learn and explore Health and Human Service Careers. Professionals from across the region educate students through hands-on activities to help students understand the endless career opportunities available! Careers explored include:

  • Social Work

  • ​Sanitarians

  • Nurses

  • Physical Therapy

  • Laboratory

  • Physicians

  • Emergency Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Human Resources

  • Speech Therapy

  • Medical Assistant

  • And Many More!

Healthcare Career Guest Speakers

Program Highlights

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I never knew all the things I could really do in the health field until the program.

I came into the program wanting to be a florist. I've found that I am interested in a path that would allow me to help children in bad situations.

I didn’t know what some of the careers even were and I like that we had people that actually do those jobs come in and tell us about them.

Want to Get Involved or Host a Program?

Contact us at for more information! 

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