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June Is Men’s Health Month!

Do you have the resources to take charge of your health? Staying healthy means taking care of both your body and your mind! This June, the Thumb Community Health Partnership (TCHP) is raising awareness about men’s health resources. If you are a man or have a man in your life who is important to you, join TCHP in celebrating Men’s Health Month. Learn how men can take proper care of both their physical and mental health. Follow along on Facebook to learn about local resources, such as, that can help!


Men seek preventative healthcare services only half as often as women do ( Your healthcare provider can be a great resource for helping you keep up a healthy body and mind. Do you have concerns about your health, including mental health concerns? Be sure to speak up to your loved ones and your health professional! You can also take steps to improve your overall wellness by adding these healthy habits into your routine.


  • Start each day with a filling, nutritious breakfast.

  • Make an appointment to see your doctor when you are sick and for annual checkups.

  • Stay active with yard work, sports, or family walks.

  • Eat a colorful plate at mealtime, with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  • Set aside time to relax and have fun.


Next steps: Speak with your health professional. Find local resources at Follow along with TCHP at www.Facebook/ThumbHealth. Contact Kay Balcer, TCHP Director at 989-553-2927.


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